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Our Philosophy

Excella Developmental Services is committed to adhering to its great responsibility to its clients, the behavioral science, the profession, and our society. Our clients deserve the best evidence-based treatment available in order to promote their independence and quality of life.

teacher and her students Parents and families are fundamental to the success of our clients and therefore they deserve the most effective teaching to help them promote their children’s treatment gains. Excella Developmental Services believes that an educated parent is an empowered parent.

Our services are guided by respect for our clients and ethical responsibility. We offer:

We also offer:

  • Adaptive Skills Training. This program is designed with a focus on teaching real-world skills, targeted within daily routines through teaching in the domains of self-care/daily living routines, critical functional communication skills, behavior management, safety, transitioning/routines, leisure skills, community and parent goals.

    This functionally based program depends heavily on the parent/caregiver’s continual direct involvement from assessment throughout the duration of the program to generalize child’s skills into the natural home routines of the family, with a heavy emphasis on behaviorally based parenting skills to support teaching of new skills and maintenance of skills acquired with goal of improving quality of life.

    The ultimate goal is to increase the client and parent/caregiver’s capacity to promote the development of their child’s socially appropriate behaviors and the development of functional living skills, and social relatedness skills to improve independence and quality of life.

  • Early Intensive Intervention. This program is for children between the ages of 0-5 years of age. Our goal is to help the child acquire or increase communication, emotional, adaptive, social/play skills, cognitive, and motor skills. This program also targets school readiness skills and addresses common early childhood issues such as behavior management, toileting, sleeping, and feeding. This program strongly emphasizes parent Education and participation.

  • Behavior Intervention. The focus of this program is to help families of children and adults that exhibit severe behavioral challenges that interfere with their learning of skills and social adaptation. This program includes a comprehensive behavioral assessment, the development of the Behavior Intervention Plan, and teaching of appropriate replacement behaviors. Parent Education is a critical and required portion of this program.

  • Parent Education. This program provides training in behavior management for parents. Parent training allows family members to gain useful and practical knowledge which enables them to set consistent guidelines for the children to follow in their homes.

    The parent/caregiver will increase their independence in identifying appropriate teaching targets, implementing effective teaching strategies, providing structure and routines, improving motivational strategies, implementing behavior management techniques, and independent problem-solving. At the start of parent training, a pretest is given to assess the parent’s skill and knowledge level.

    The instructional method used is discussion and hands-on, whereby parents are given the opportunity to design program focusing on their child’s deficient areas with consultant support. The ultimate goal of this program is for parent and caregivers to learn to maintain and promote the individual’s gains in the absence of therapists.

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