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Excella Developmental Services offers a program that teaches children about critical functional and communication skills. We understand that while some children with autism and other developmental disabilities may possess receptive and expressive language skills, they may need support to use these skills in social situations.

teacher and student talking Some children may have expressive language but use it in unusual ways. Some are able to speak in elaborate sentences while others are able to only speak in one word sentences. Some may have language, but is peppered with communication errors and pronoun reversals. For example, instead of a child saying “I want a cookie”, they may say, “she wants cookie” instead. Others repeat what they hear, also known as Echolalia. For example, when asked “how are you?”, they answer “how are you?” as well.

Still, others may possess advanced vocabulary and be able to speak in depth about a particular interest/topic, but they may be unable to engage in a conversation with others regarding this favorite topic. In teaching communication, we also target eye contact (maintaining eye contact), attending to a presented topic for a duration of time, using facial and gestural expression, as well as the tone of voice.

We would be happy to discuss this program further. Feel free to call us at 916-550-9628 for more details.