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Knowing how to act appropriately within a community setting is a vital skill. However, we understand that children with Autism and other developmental disabilities may have difficulties with social interaction and participating in community activities, which is Excella Developmental Services offers a program that focuses on teaching children about appropriate community skills.

group children outdoor These include exposure to parks, grocery stores, trips to get the child’s haircut, trips to the dentist, and any other activities depending on family’s interest and lifestyle. EDS targets the skills necessary to participate in those environments. For example, a trip to McDonald’s may focus on reading and choosing from the menu, ordering food, paying for the food, taking food to the table, and throwing the trash away. Community-based activities allow the child and his/her family to participate in preferred and necessary community activities.

We also teach your child about safety when it comes to participating recreational activities in the community including maintaining appropriate and safe behavior in the community, stranger awareness, interacting with community members (e.g., store clerk, waitress/waiter, etc.), and more.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at 916-550-9628 if you want to gain a better understanding of this program.