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Excella Developmental Services is composed of an interdisciplinary clinical team. We have skilled, highly qualified, and experienced professionals from the fields of behavior analysis, neuroscience, special education, and psychology. All of our faculty members have been thoroughly vetted through background checks, license verification, and credential checks. Our faculty is headed by Dr. Jane Paul.

About Dr. Jane Paul

Dr. Jane Paul is a Pediatrics Neurodevelopmental Specialist and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) specializing in testing and developing treatment programs for children with autism and other neurodevelopmental disabilities. Her services to individuals with autism include early intervention, curriculum development, direct staff supervision, staff and parent training, verbal behavior analysis, social skills training, adaptive living skills, systems analysis, and functional behavior analysis.

Dr. Paul is a recognized innovator in the field, pioneered a cross-cultural study comparing African Americans and Caucasian Americans with autism disorder at UC Davis Medical Center. She also pioneered a cross-cultural study comparing Kenyan’s African Americans and Caucasia Children with Autism for her doctoral research.

She earned her Doctorate in Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders from the University of Texas at Austin and completed her federally funded Postdoctoral Fellowship at UC Davis Medical Center, M.I.N.D Institute. Her passion for autism started early on while in high school. Her best friend had a brother and every time she visited, he would hide behind the house, never said hello to his sister and could not look at you. This baffled her, and she kept wondering what was wrong with her friend’s brother. It was not until she attended college and had her first Psychology course that she learned about a disability called autism, and right there she diagnosed her best friend’s brother with autism. From then on, she purposed to study and research autism to find out the mysteries behind the disability and how to help children and families affected by it. Dr. Paul has dedicated herself to improving the lives of children with autism here in the United States and other third world countries where not much is known about Autism.

Dr. Paul has a strong passion for Parent Education and believes strongly that an Educated Parent is an empowered parent. This passion is evidenced in Excella’s strong parent involvement emphasis. She believes that while Children can and do make great gains with ABA therapy, children who make the most gains are those whose parents are actively involved in their child’s program.

Dr. Paul is also an advocate for early diagnosis and intervention (Learn the Signs. Act Early). She believes strongly that it is better for a parent to take seriously the “red flags”, take action and later realize there was nothing to worry about, than ignore the “red flags”, take no action and later realize the child had something. Learning the signs and acting early can make and does make a big difference in the life of a child.